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Trish Talob

Strategic Designer
Meditation Teacher
5 to 9 Dabbler

I'm Trish

I empower people to think and act in ways that lead to positive and lasting change

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As a Strategic Designer

I help organisations maximise their impact by enabling them to respond to constant change

I help purpose-led organisations use Design Thinking + Human-Centred Design to make the most of their often limited resources. As part of doing this, I help to develop systems and processes that allow them to intentionally respond to change, rather than just impulsively react to it. I also enable them to design products/services that are responsive to the ever-changing needs of both their customers and the organisation itself.


My work as a Strategic Designer is underpinned by my background in user research, service design and customer experience design.

Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about my work.

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As a Meditation Teacher

I help people build confidence to use meditation as a tool for creating change 

Through my business Anti-Mindfulness Mindfulness Club, I help people free up mental space to create change by being mindful. To empower people to make mindfulness a regular habit, I teach meditation in a way that is accessible, inclusive and not bound by age-old stereotypes and expectations.

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As a 5 to 9 Dabbler

I seek creative experiences that get me thinking and doing things differently

Instead of focusing on mastering one skill, I'm constantly building a diverse toolkit of skills that allow me to think outside the box.​​ I particularly enjoy filling my toolkit with creative and artisanal skills during my 5 to 9 time (i.e. my 'free time' outside of my 9 to 5). Get a glimpse of some of my personal projects and learning experiences below.

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