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Anti-Mindfulness Mindfulness Club

Mindfulness Club

Self-Guided Kits


I'm Trish, founder of Anti-Mindfulness Mindfulness Club.

I’m on a mission to make mindfulness equitable and accessible to everyone.

My Self-Guided Kits consist of physical and digital components you can use to guide yourself through various mindfulness activities. The activities are designed to help you explore mindfulness techniques like meditation in a way that is hands onapproachable and enables you to be mindful, your way.

Profits from the kits enable me to run pay-what-you-can (i.e free to low cost) meditation sessions for people who find it difficult to access or participate in mainstream classes/workshops. 

The Kits

Click on a button below to go to the ClassBento website and learn more about a kit.

"Circuit Breaker" Self Guided Mindfulness Kit

Try this if you'd like to explore mindfulness techniques like meditation on your own terms, in your own time and in your own space.


You'll get digital prompts for guiding yourself through mindfulness activities, as well as tea and materials for creating a mini Japanese-inspired rock garden (A.K.A a "Zen garden" or "karesansui"). When you're not using the garden as part of a kit activity, you can use it as a decoration and visual reminder to pause and take a mindful break. 

Make a Mini Zen Garden Kit

Try this if you'd like to support the Anti-Mindfulness Mindfulness mission but don't need guidance for exploring and learning about mindfulness. 


Benefits of 

exploring mindfulness 

with a Self-Guided Kit

You'll learn different mindfulness techniques. ​

  • You'll get to sample a range of techniques and you can choose to explore specific ones further. 

  • You'll learn techniques that aren't bound by age-old stereotypes and new-age expectations.


You'll learn your way.

  • You won't be bound by the schedule of guided classes or the content of pre-recorded audio meditations.

  • You'll have the option to read or listen to information.

  • As you do the activities in the kit, you'll also be encouraged to choose options that align with your personal needs, preferences and abilities.

You'll get hands on.

  • The activities in the kit involve simple and familiar tasks that could easily fit into day-to-day life.  

  • Some of the activities are about interacting with physical objects and gently moving. 


You'll have the option to disconnect.

  • Although the written and audio prompts come in digital form, you'll be encouraged to guide yourself through the activities in a way that isn't completely reliant on a digital device.

  • No need to scroll through an app with hundreds of options to find something that suits you. The kit contains a set number of activities that can be moulded to your needs. 

Things to consider

If you are experiencing a mental health issue like severe depression, bipolar or schizophrenia, it may be best for you to explore mindfulness techniques with the guidance of a qualified health professional. 

Keen to learn mindfulness with me?

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