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Trish's Maker Library

As part of my personal mission to empower people to pursue positive opportunities, I'm building a library of tools and materials for fellow creative dabblers. By making my own knowledge, tools or materials available to people in my Sydney-based network though my "maker library", I hope to:

  • nurture a culture of sharing making skills

  • encourage people to be creative dabblers

  • encourage people to connect with others

  • encourage people to fix things and make things from recycled/repurposed materials

  • encourage people to participate in sharing economies

How it works


Browse the library

As a dabbler, I'm constantly accumulating tools, materials and knowledge for different hobbies. As I collect bits and pieces for my projects, I will upload new library items. Keep an eye out for new item updates on Instagram

Please note that because I'm currently living in Sydney, the library is only open to people in my Sydney-based network.


See something you need?

Take note of whether the item can be borrowed or kept. 

I use some borrow-able items regularly, so I don't want them to stray too far from home. For these items, you'll need to book in a time to use them at my house. 


Start a conversation

Ask about borrowing/taking something from the library by filling in the form at this link. Alternatively, get in touch with me via whichever channel we usually communicate through. 

Enquire about an item

Enquire about an item

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