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What is Anti-Mindfulness Mindfulness all about?

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Mindfulness can help you free up mental space for managing and creating change 

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of your experience of the present, without judgement or expectation. It's a mental state that doesn't generally come naturally without consideration and practice, so you could think of it as a skill.

With regular practice of this skill, you might notice positive changes in the way you:

  • focus or pay attention to things

  • manage challenging situations

Because mindfulness has the potential to improve your day-to-day life in these ways, it could be considered a very important skill for modern life. Change is occurring at accelerated rates due to things like technology, climate change and social/political instability. In the state of mindfulness, you can focus your attention on things that are outside of your daily routine and default way of thinking - including things that may be changing around you or to you.

Being mindful can enable you to better manage change and divert your attention to things that are within your control. Being mindful can also help you free up mental space to create change in your own life and in your communities.

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Meditation can help you practice being mindful

Meditation is an ancient practice that is an essential tool for modern life. It involves focusing your attention in a deliberate manner that can lead to a state of mindfulness.

Meditation is one of the most well-known ways to achieve a state of mindfulness. It has an incredibly rich history of different practices and traditions.

In theory, mindfulness and mindfulness techniques like meditation are available for everyone to practice. However, there are things about meditation that make it difficult for many to practice.

Meditation is often portrayed as something inflexible and bound by age-old stereotypes associated with religious practices and new-age expectations associated with modern spirituality. People's perceptions may lead them to write off meditation as something they just can’t do because they don't have the 'required' capabilities or resources (like time and money). Alternatively, they may endure through feelings of discomfort just to be able to participate.

Anti-Mindfulness Mindfulness is just regular ol' mindfulness, but not as you know it...

Anti-Mindfulness Mindfulness is about using the ancient practice of meditation in a way that isn't bound by age-old stereotypes and new-age expectations. It's about being flexible and learning about options for making mindfulness more 'equitable'.


'Equitable mindfulness' is about making it possible for everyone to practice mindfulness, regardless of factors like age, gender, ethnic origin, income level, location, ability. It’s about getting equipped with the support, tools, and resources you need to be mindful, your way.

Anti-Mindfulness Mindfulness Club offers equitable mindfulness experiences that are accessible, inclusive and considerate of varying personal needs, preferences and abilities. All guided and self-guided experiences include techniques and options designed to empower you to develop your own flexible and ever-evolving mindfulness habits.

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Keen to try being mindful, your way?

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